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This package gives you all of the elements you need to establish your visual brand identity - from your color palette, brand fonts, and of course, your logo.

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A “Brand” Isn’t a Single Logo

It’s the way someone feels when they interact with your business, which leads to the expectations they develop for your offerings.

Let’s ensure your visual brand identity is all-encompassing and accurately reflects the feelings and expectations you want your audience to develop about your brand. This package gives you all of the elements you need to establish your visual brand identity - from your color palette, brand fonts, and of course, your logo. The best part? All logos begin as completely custom-sketched concepts before they are rendered into digital designs, meaning we can get super creative with your brand identity. 

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Everything You Need to Establish Your Visual Identity

Creative Direction

Mood board / Color palette / Font suite / Brand Guidelines

Logo Suite


Marketing Suite

LAUNCH GRAPHICS / Business card design template editable in Canva 

Education & Support



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Pre-Project Planning 

After you book your project, we will begin the process of gathering all of the background information we need before we start your project. 

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Project Kick-Off!

We will begin your project with Creative Direction, checking in with drafts along the way to gather feedback. 

no. 03

Logo Design

Using your creative direction, Ashley will design and present three different logo suite concepts. Together we will choose one concept to continue to develop and refine for your logo suite. 

no. 04

Finalize & Launch!

Once your logo suite is approved and finalized, we will put together your Brand Guidelines so you have all your new branding elements in one place and create your launch graphics! 

Why We Only Offer Full Logo Suites and Don't Offer Single Logo Designs

We only offer logo suites for a reason: they will give you the biggest return on your investment and will take your branding further in the long run. A single logo immediately puts your brand into a tiny box with no room for growth, range, or flexibility. Our logo suites include 3-4 variations, creating a full brand identity. 

let's give you a leg up in leveling up your brand 

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Do you lack clarity and struggle to attract your ideal customers?

The Brand Strategy Add-On

You can’t effectively market your business if you don’t fully understand who you are marketing to, what their specific needs are, how your product or service can help them, and how you can convey your value to them. In a Brand Strategy Intensive, we will answer all of these questions and more to ensure we deeply understand your Unique Value Proposition and how you can use that to attract and convert your ideal customer.

After our call, we will outline your key brand messaging, define your brand mission and vision, outline your brand pillars, and compile it together in a Brand Guidelines document so you can confidently communicate with your audience. 

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How much can I expect to invest?

Logo Suite packages start at $1,200. We want you to feel super confident about making this important investment, so we offer monthly payment plans and pay in full incentives. 

What do I need to be considered officially booked?

To be officially booked and added to our project schedule, you must complete the finalized proposal we will send you via email. The proposal will include your project scope, our contract, and an invoice to pay the designer retainer. 

How far in advance do I need to book my project?

We typically book out 4-6 weeks in advance. Occasionally, we can accommodate them on short notice with a quick turnaround time. If you need your project completed by a specific date, be sure to let us know on our Consult Call or send us an email! 

2-4 wk

most project timelines run 2-4 weeks


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Tara Moore from Farm and Fir Co. was fantastic to work with! My website needed a complete facelift, and Tara incorporated my vision into a cohesive story. She created brand messaging and imagery through her photography that has made all the difference. The positive feedback I have received regarding my website and Instagram has been amazing. I continue to work with Tara on new projects, and she presents them with detailed deliverables and a smile. 


"Tara is an absolute pleasure to work with, and my only regret is not meeting her sooner!"

"Tara listened to what I wanted, asked all the right questions, gave me plenty of options without overwhelming me, integrated all of my feedback and was endlessly patient, happily adjusted anything and everything until it was just right. What’s more, not only was her design process absolutely spot on for rebranding my business and breathing new life into my old, outdated website, it inadvertently helped me to understand my business better which has led to many positive changes all around.  


"I’m so thrilled with the website Tara created for my business and cannot get over how pleasant and seamless the entire process was."

It was seamless and just so easy to work with Tara and really, most importantly, she understands how to follow your brand identity. She is very easy to communicate with and the project was done in no time! Do try Farm & Fir for your next website upgrade, it’s the best!”


“Tara was an absolute pleasure to work with for my new website.”