Creative Horse Girls with a Shared Passion

is the result of our passion-driven effort to help equestrian entrepreneurs unbridle their creative potential by combining strategy, design, and education to help you reach your ideal customers.

Imagine if you knew how to build your brand, create impactful social media content, and confidently show up online to reach your target audience.

We know what our clients value most is their time, and very often that time is better spent working in your business rather than on your business. This is why we created Farm & Fir Co.™

Through years of working in and out of the equestrian, business and design industries, we understand the unique needs of equestrian business owners. Here’s how we can use The Farm & Fir Framework™ to help your business…

Starting with Creative Direction, we collaborate on what makes your business unique and how that can be visually represented in your branding. Next, we develop your positioning and messaging and use that as our guide through the design process. Finally, your new branding is used to design a website that authentically represents your brand and speaks directly to your ideal customer.

When your project is complete, we leave you with educational resources, like training videos and coaching calls, so you can sustain your brand and business long-term.

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ceo & creative director

Tara Moore

based in Colts Neck, NJ

From the bustling streets of NYC to the tranquility of a 45-acre horse farm, Tara Moore has always chased her dreams. In 2016, Tara said farewell to city life and her corporate PR job to follow her passion of working in the horse industry.

Tara works hands on with clients every step of the way, from the initial client inquiries, to developing their brand strategy, collaborating with Ashley through the logo design process, to planning and executing brand photoshoots, designing websites, and supporting clients with one-on-one coaching.

lead graphic designer

Ashley Gilbert

based in Bucks County, PA

Ashley got her artistic start making custom equine portraits. As her business White Stallion Studio blossomed into a successful custom art business, Ashley found her niche specializing in wood burned pet portraits.

After helping a local equine business with a logo design, it became clear her artistic skills perfectly translated to digital logo design. What makes Ashley's logo designs so special is that every single client concept is completely hand drawn from scratch, and is 100% custom.

The Farm & Fir Framework™ Experience

Inquire using the contact form on our "Contact" page

We will follow up via email within 48 hours to schedule a consultation call so we can gather more information about your specific needs and how we may be able to help.

Book your package & set project start date

Following your consultation call, we will finalize your proposal to include everything you need. Once the contract has been signed and the retainer has been paid, you are considered officially booked! We typically run on a 4-8 week waitlist.

Pre-project planning

Next, we onboard you to our project management system. The pre-project planning phase is a crucial part of our process so we may gather necessary background details about your business, design preferences, etc.

Project kickoff + Launch + Support

We kick off almost every design project with the Creative Direction phase and over the next few weeks work our way through the phases of your project. Most projects are a collaborative effort between our clients and our team. Once all deliverables have been met, we leave you with resources to help you maintain for the long-haul.

Strategy, Design & Education - The Foundation of Our Business

Our client work doesn't end once a brand has been delivered or a website has been published. Our overarching goal is to empower our clients through education so they can achieve sustainable growth. All of our packages include educational materials, from training videos to ebook, and even one-on-one coaching calls.

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"A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another."

- seth godin

Let Us Give You a Leg-Up in Leveling Up Your Brand™

work with us

Tara Moore from Farm and Fir Co. was fantastic to work with! My website needed a complete facelift, and Tara incorporated my vision into a cohesive story. She created brand messaging and imagery through her photography that has made all the difference. The positive feedback I have received regarding my website and Instagram has been amazing. I continue to work with Tara on new projects, and she presents them with detailed deliverables and a smile. 

"Tara is an absolute pleasure to work with, and my only regret is not meeting her sooner!"

"I had a vision of what I wanted my equestrian brand to be and Tara helped me bring it to life. Becoming an equestrian entrepreneur can be pretty intimidating, but Tara's expertise has made the website development and branding processes so fun and less stressful!"


"Tara and the Farm & Fir Co. team are an absolute dream to work with!"

After I hired a website designer at the end of 2022, I was left with a website I wasn't in love with and didn't capture my brand in it's entirety. Farm and Fir's client journey made sure to pull all the little ideas out of my head and put it together to deliver a website that is functional now and can grow with me.

The feedback I received after the launch of the website was incredible and I was support during the entire launch with made-for-me templates to post on social media. The SEO on my website even has inquiries directly from google.


"Tara delivered the website I had visioned."