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Bodywork Bundle Photo & Video Pack

$395 | 30 photos & 30 videos

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The Bodywork Bundle

Three modalities for the price of two:

pemf pack

equine massage pack

k-tape pack

A $585 Value!

Equestrian Brand Photographers Along for Every Ride

As photographers, marketers, and fellow equestrian business owners, we understand the impact of quality, industry-specific photos, and videos that target and attract equestrians to brands and businesses in the industry. 

Our industry and target audience is very specific, which means general stock photo websites simply won’t do. We believe everyone should have access to quality equestrian stock photos, no matter their niche or budget.

Let’s give you a leg-up in leveling up your brand™

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tara moore, farm & fir co.

Taylor Kos, gold horse media

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Tired of using the same stock photos you see on everyone else's Instagram feeds? Level-up your content with our free stock photo pack, "The Arena Collection". 

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Lucile, ProPulsion Equine PEMF

Tara was able to produce high-quality, professional pictures that really elevated my practice’s image and brand. I feel proud to share these on my website and social media platforms. They are PERFECT for incorporating attractive visuals into brochures, flyers, Instagram posts, and more. Tara made the photoshoot fun, she is clearly talented and passionate about her photography. Would absolutely recommend Farm & Fir Co to all equine bodyworkers and PEMF practitioners who are ready to upgrade their brand!

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