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.01 Starting with Creative Direction, we collaborate on what makes your business unique and how that can be visually represented in your branding.

Next, we set up a photoshoot to capture the true essence of your brand and personality.

Finally, your new branding and content are used to design a website that authentically represents your brand and speaks directly to your ideal customer.

.04 We leave you with educational resources, like training videos and ebooks, so you can sustain your brand and business long-term.

Through years of working in and out of the equestrian, business and design industries, we noticed a gap in the market for a branding and web design service for equestrian and rural industries that not only offer creative services but also gave clients a clear, strategic plan to use that content in their digital marketing.

farm & fir co.


We know that our clients value their time most, that's why we've made our process as simple (and fun!) as possible SO YOU CAN GET BACK TO what you truly love in your business. 

Here's where we come in:

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Creative Horse Girls with a Shared Passion

Tara Moore

From the bustling streets of NYC to the tranquility of a 45-acre horse farm, Tara Moore has always chased her dreams. In 2016, Tara said farewell to city life and her corporate PR job to follow her passion of working in the horse industry.

Tara works hands on with clients every step of the way, from the initial client inquiries, to developing their brand strategy, collaborating with Ashley through the logo design, to planning and executing brand photoshoots, designing websites, and supporting clients with one-on-one coaching.

Ashley Gilbert

Ashley got her artistic start making custom equine portraits. As her business White Stallion Studio blossomed into a successful custom art business, Ashley found her niche specializing in wood burned pet portraits.

After helping a local equine business with a logo design, it became clear her artistic skills perfectly translated to digital logo design. What makes Ashley's logo designs so special is that every single client concept is completely hand drawn from scratch, and is 100% custom.

Lead graphic designer

ceo & creative director

For years I felt caught between finding a stable corporate career path and following my passion as a creative horsewoman.

Emily McNeill

Emily is a western rider and full-time student at Syracuse University studying photography and visual communications. She does almost all of Farm & Fir's team photos and assists with content creation.

Strategy, Design, and Education

Our client work doesn't end once a brand has been delivered or a website has been published. Our overarching goal is to empower our clients through education so they can achieve sustainable growth. All of our packages include educational materials, from training videos to ebook, and even one-on-one coaching calls.

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